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Tough Mobile Phones at the best prices possible!! T90, T54, F158 & F159!
Blue tick rated for maixmum coverage!!

A branded tough mobile phone that can work in any condition is what you are searching for? We have Tough Mobile Phones from branded companies like Telstra & ZTE. Some of these phones are also blue tick rated so has maximum network coverage.

These tough mobile phones have all the latest features like Bluetooth®, Nextg/3G support, high quality camera with 0.3 to 3.0 megapixel resolution, scratch resistant, MicroSD memory from 4Gb to 16GB capacity, speaker phone, FM radio, MP3 player and light weight for easy carry. These phones have an endless list of features that you would be delighted to possess.

They are smart looking, sleek with various color options. These tough mobile phones are beneficial for all sports players, young and energetic kids, and old people who tend to lose their grip over objects and drop them. You don’t need to worry about price. Phones available here are best buy in the country.

Tough Phones
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Telstra Tough 2 ZTE T54
Telstra T90 - Tough ZTE T90
Telstra ZTE F158
High Gain 5 Dbi Nextg/3G Antenna
New Telstra ZTE T90
Telstra ZTE F159
ZTE T90/T54 Antenna Patch Cable
NEW! Telstra Tough 2 ZTE T54
DEMO Telstra Tough 2 ZTE T54

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